Hi, I'm Vicki Conley with Laptop Lyfe, livin' life with a "Y' doing what I love 💓

Out of the Box Marketer ☮ Road Tripper 🚗 Author 📚 Entrepreneur 🙋🏻 NFT Collector and HODLr 🐂 Giraffe Breeder in the Metaverse 🦒

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Brian has a HUGE project, he's minting an NFT every single day for 365 days, he's also doing a podcast every day. This is how I was hooked, in all transparancy I'm a supporter with both money and time in this project.Start today and listen to as many episodes as you can.

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I dove in head first and immediately switched up my Out of the Box Marketing Plan to include both NFT's, using the pretty .jpg's for my own branding and marketing, and Creator Coins, creating my own Tokenomics economy.

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Check out my small but growing online Merch Store.
Custom Orders are being taken now for Christmas.

We are also live on Amazon with a couple of new designs exclusively created for the Herd Mentality~ 🦒🦒🦒 click the photo below.

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Herding My Thoughts is my new example of a low content book, this is a basic journal created with one of my Giraffe NFT's as the cover art. I also made Giraffe #2963 an Author since it's such a simple book. It's easy for you to do this with your NFT's too! I can help you!

I offer Custom Design for Merch, Just a Few of the Items Available - Books, Stickers, Trading Cards, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Throw Pillows, Coffee Mugs, Jewelry and Much More, including NFT education, connections and referrals.Learn How To Create Right Away With Your Own Branded NFT Art!

I can help you plan a group cruise or VIP marketing themed event, showing you how YOU can leverage your event for the benefit of you and your group.I can save you both time and money, let's connect.

Meetup Group Coming Soon
Tokenomics B4B

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I provide contracted, specialized support services for local brands. Offering guidance and inspiration with out of the box marketing ideas and products. I do accept payment in fiat, paypal, venmo, cash app, certain crypto & NFT's will be accepted upon prior approval.

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Tune in daily for #NFT365 and learn WTF is an NFT!
Start with this recent episode from July 3, 2022

Meet a few of my NFT frens, learn about the Giraffe Tower Community, become a part of this NFT history. Meet Gary Henderson with Scott Martin in this Groundswell Podcast recording.This interview premiered March 22, 2022, around that time Gary's Giraffe Collection Sold Out. Just a month or so ago Gary migrated his community from the Rally network to Solana.

Another Fun Fact, Scott with the Groundswell Coin is the new #1 Creator Coin in Gary's new Creator Economy, over 30 different coin communities now, this interview SOLD him, the Giraffe Project SOLD OUT and the floor continues to rise & HODL.

Right after that interview the 1st Official Giraffe Tower NFT Project Sold Out. Giraffes are only available for purchase on OpenSea or direct through your favorite Giraffe Dealer for both purchase, stud or rental.Owning a Giraffe has incredible utility, beginning with 3 AM MT morning coffee. Tokenomic conversations to begin your day.I now have really crazy business hours in the Metaverse.
Owning a Giraffe is your Key to the Kingdom.

View my current OpenSea Collection, OpenSea is like an eBay for NFT's. I have staked 6 of my Giraffes so they no longer show in my public catalog, staking is like putting them into a time deposit, it has benefits.

5 of my 6 Staked Giraffes

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Above is an example of a mockup made by loading my digital image onto a platform and choosing from a variety of promo images to use where needed. If you'd like to learn more, I share tips and tricks with my Laptop Lyfers group on facebook. Come and join us, click the link or scan the code below (code created using Flowcode, you'll want to learn about this).

I invite you to join our Laptop Lyfers on facebook for updates

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As I delve deeper into this metaverse I'm looking to open a Crypto Roth IRA with Alto. This is not financial advice, you should do your own research. I do have a referral link that will get us both a little extra fiat should you choose to fund your account.

It's now July 2022, I've yet to fund my Roth but I now know what I need to do in order to get started. From my research, I don't think this bear market is over. Either way my Roth, IRA and NFT portfolios have all taken a hit.In observation, my Giraffe Tower NFT's are 4X in value from my initial mint or purchase price. I sold one Giraffe June 2022 to obtain ETH for mating season gas (GWEI) fees and now have 3 Offspring.

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It's easier than you think to add NFT's to your marketing budget. I can help you get started with that. Things are moving quickly in this new space. Ride the wave before the tsunami. Peace ☮ Vicki

Some links on this page are clickable affiliate links meaning you and I both may receive some sort of benefit for you taking action.

This is just the beginning. Stay tuned...

much more coming soon